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Films (2000 - 2003)

Kunst voor het volk! (quicktime / realmedia) Art for the people! (spoken Dutch)

Zandmonsters 1.1 (quicktime)

Lieftallig kleinschalig terrorisme (quicktime)

Highways (quicktime)

Animations (2003)

 The flesh made word (quick time 2,5 1 min) Contains adult material (music by Bertin van Vliet)

The flesh made word (10 sec versie)
(quick time 1,2 MB) Contains adult material (music by Bertin van Vliet)


Dia-shows(2000 - 2002) (flash)

Happyproducts grow in the Martini-kerkhof

Happyproducts in de Wolden

About my work:

The use of media and television culture
Basically, I do not use any medium in particular. I use the medium that suits the work best. For three years, I have mainly worked with video. In my opinion, the image of present-day culture is mainly determined by video, or rather television. An evening of zapping gives a fairly accurate idea of our present-day culture. The fact that television does not only reflect, but at the same time defines culture, is not a reason for me to infinitely campaign against it. I rather consider this as a fact to take into account as an artist.

Video performances

By means of conscious or unconscious comparison with television, video performances directly relate to everyday culture. In my opinion, art should relate to modern culture. Therefore, television as a medium is particularly suitable for my work. This medium enables me to directly incorporate theoretical reflections in my work. For my films I use several television genres, such as documentary, film and videoclip.

Free beer performances

The basic idea for this work is the cliché "Art for the people", and in this line of thought the question "Art for the people?". The public is not eager for art, instead, it prefers consuming! I give the people what they like, which is beer!". For one week I handed out free beer. My intention was to provoke the people. I did this by means of aggressive announcements like, for example, by placing the text Free beer! 16.30 pm in the academy in huge dirty red letters right next to the art academy in Breda. Also, I distributed a press release including the pretentious statement: "The artist goes beyond society".

Art for the people!

The video that was based on the performance (mentioned) above, involves aspects of a performance registration, a documentary, and a videoclip. The video shows several "performers" drinking beer, a red text in capital letters "Art for the people" and a faked liquor store robbery. In short scenes the viewer is given several opinions of "the performers".

Laughing trees

The video film "sweet minor terrorism 1.2" was shot in the surroundings of Zuidwolde, which is a medium-sized village in The Netherlands. It shows trees and stones that I decorated with a nose, eyes, and a smiling mouth made of paper and egg white. During one month the local people were confronted with an unusual amount of happiness. Images of laughing trees and the response of locals, tourists, and the police together formed a representation of the temporary phenomenon that the happy faces had caused in the village.

Happy existentialism

The statements that the video starts off with, refer to an existential attitude: Humans act in order to be in control of their lives, (basically, they seek happiness). Through art, the artist is looking for happiness as well. Whether this happiness comes from; looking for the meaning of life, from being a better artist than others, or from having a own view on postmodern society, the artist is, just like anyone else, convicted to seeking happiness.
The (semi)- intellectual statements in the video film mentioned above, like "The constant reflecting process in art confronts the artist with his own existence, which therefore will be emphasized" refer to the relation between the artist and his work. The laughing trees and stones are happy, the complete work of the artist radiates happiness. For two years I have created a mask for myself and the audience by means of producing nothing but happy work. (See Searching behind this mask may result in some confusion. Behind the choice of a happy, childlike, innocent mask hides either an unprecedented naiveté, or an tragic existential consideration.

Reactions, questions etc:
Wouter Jansen, 2003